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© 2018 by Elke Wagner, crossoverdesign


Cross Stitch Beauties

Diese neue Kollektion verwandelt überlieferte europäische Kreuzstichmuster (aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum) in moderne Ornamente. Gedruckte Designs täuschen verblüffend echt einen überdimensionalen, bestickten Stoff vor.

Our new collection is a translation of traditional European cross stitch patterns (of the german-speaking Region) into modern ornaments, and is produced with an upsized realistic impression of an ebroidered fabric.

Taipei Blue On Pink
Taipei Blue On Yellow
Taipei Blue On Pink
Taipei Blue On Ecru
Aquamarine On Reddish-Brown
Almost Black & White
Rusty Red On Ecru
Rusty Red On Pine-Green
Taipei Blue On Ecru
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John's Deer
John's Deer Border
Great Tit
Spring Flowers
Floral Border