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I'm very excited to announce my new venture, ELKE'S DESIGN TALKS, as a YouTube channel and Facebook group!

I'm very excited to announce my new venture, ELKE'S DESIGN TALKS, as a YouTube channel and Facebook group!

I got the idea from working on my first online interview series „The tipping point to success – TOP German designers reveal their DOS and DON’TS on the way to success“, which was already broadcast in German. It now forms with English translations the basis of my first design talks, a new longterm series. 


ELKE’S DESING TALKS will come to you about 3 times a month with interviews, live or recorded or other valuable information. It is all in the making and you are part of this exciting process. I will inform you in time about broadcast dates or replays.

Here are the broadcast dates of the first 5 interviews:



             Creative Health
AUG 4  Product & Industrial Designer CHRISTOPH BÖNINGER 

             auerberg, designafairs, iF Design Foundation  

SEP  1  Interior & Product Designer JOA HERRENKNECHT

             Studio Joa Herrenknecht  

SEP 22  Automotive, Product & Industrial Designer MURAT GÜNAK  

             Murat Günak Design


MAY 24  Interior & Product Designer ISABELLA HAMANN  

                IH Interior Studio

The easiest way to keep up to date with the latest conversations and reports is to subscribe to my email list. You will also find more information about "The tipping point to success there and the full list of my interview partners:

The story behind: The development of these design talks is my culmination of decades of higher education, experience and creativity that began very early with a love for colours watching my father and for nature encouraged by taking walks through the forest with my grandfather. My best subjects in school were always math and art. 

A long story short that nature love grew into an agricultural degree focusing on the tropics and subtropics, and went on to include achieving my doctoral degree studying statistics with the PhD thesis „Simulation study for coupling analysis of molecular markers and complex features“.  

My studies and my private travels took me through all 7 continents and exposed me to every type of culture, the influences of which I would like to share with you. 
After completing my doctorate degree I accepted a position as the head of a colour design studio in Braunschweig where I developed award-winning colour designs for the exteriors and interiors of thousands of buildings. During that time I delved into the theory of ornamental design.

2000 I launched my own design studio under the name carpe colorem! colour design, which today is called crossoverdesign. And by 2004 I graduated with my second degree, a Diploma in product design focusing on the principles of ornamentation and pattern design. The best way to see what ornaments I design is to go to my website

ELKE's DESIGN TALKS brings all my experiences together and focuses on spreading thoughts and visual impressions about art, design, architecture and craft to an interested community. 
In an effort to bring together what I see as belonging together, to mediate between the most diverse, visual-creative disciplines of human creation, to break down boundaries, to connect and not to separate.  

In this way, the focus of this forum is to generate crossover thoughts, spread knowledge and share visions by meeting interesting people - famous or not famous - all over the world.

My vision as an artist & designer is to create beauty with giant colorful ornamental artworks to bring joy and power to people. It is my deep belief that human beings need beauty and even more now than ever - it is an essential need and, of course, it finds expression not only in our visually experienced world.

I am very happy if you share my link to sign up for my email list, YouTube Channel or Facebook Group to bring my talks and vision to people.

So at least my very big Welcome to my talks for you personal! 
I'm looking very much forward seeing you! 



PS: Send any questions to me by email

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